Tailored Sales Training to ensure your sales team is effective in call!

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The Issue

Sales teams often fail to understand complex NHS policies and the challenges facing the NHS with companies developing  inappropriate and ineffective materials.

The Challenge

Sales teams are faced by an NHS with a potential £30bn funding gap by 2020 .The NHS estimate this could be  reduced through productivity savings :

  • 0.8% productivity growth a year could bring the gap down to £21bn,
  • 1,5% productivity growth to could bring it down to £16bn
  • 2.0%–3.0% a year could bring it down to £8bn.

With productivity high on the NHS agenda  sales teams need appropriate training and materials to illustrate the value of their technology within this challenging environment

Our Approach

M.A.R.S provides bespoke  commercial expertise for your company’s proprietary technology , to support your sales team  understand NHS  policies and their potential  impact on productivity , with practical down to earth sales training with  appropriate market access and reimbursement materials.


“We believe an informed sales force is an effective sales force!”