Value Based Modelling

If you are looking for  support to build a business case to engage the NHS – We can help.√


The NHS is facing one of its greatest challenges in its history as it comes to terms with an elderly demographic time bomb and a cap on growth in funding above inflation imposed by the government .

SMEs wishing to engage successfully with the NHS will need to be able to prove their clinical effectiveness however they will also need to illustrate the value in monetary terms to the NHS from the introduction of its new proprietary  technology.


SMEs often fail to present a simple,  coherent fully costed business case to the NHS and fail to engage the NHS effectively, and adopt a culture of blame.

Our Approach

M.A.R.S ltd has extensive experience in value based modelling for SMEs and will work with the client to understand how their technology will impact on the NHS and the value  to the NHS  in monetary terms.

We use a tried and tested cost consequence methodology employed by NICE and underpin the modelling with the latest data from NHS England.  including Health Episode Statistics data sets,  revenue streams under  payment By Results  and PSSRU costing.

All modelling assumptions are fully referenced & underpinned by a business case to engage the NHS.